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Strategy is the link between tactics and achieving desired outcomes. Without strategy, we are running on a hamster wheel without priorities to get us somewhere. Understanding the end goal is the first step to developing a great marketing and communications strategy. I can help you laser focus on your company's outcome and the tactics and strategy you need to get there. Let's build a path to success! 


CONtent Marketing

Writing blog posts and social media posts is time consuming. It's time for a ghostwriter with a background in content marketing and digital marketing to take over and provide the content you need to place on search engines and consistently deliver value to your audience.


I manage search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), track progress (Google Analytics), manage social media, blog content and blogosphere relationships, and email marketing by creating and sourcing content, and making opportunities to engage with your customers.

Interactive DESIGN

It is imperative that your company have a web presence—consumers expect it. If properly designed, your website is filled with opportunities to establish and reinforce your brand and your connection with the consumer.

PRINT DESIGN + PUblication design

I design printed marketing materials by intentionally keeping in mind function, accuracy, and a path that leads the viewer to clear thinking about your subject.  


Images exponentially improve the look and feel of all your marketing efforts. I style, edit, and create beautiful product images, images of your staff or space, including location scouting and prop supply.


Let's work together if you: 

  • Are a non-profit or socially-conscious small to mid-size business
  • Are in need of help making strategic decisions and marketing plans
  • Need help with storytelling, branding, messaging, and beautiful imagery to match
  • Are excited to hand off the reigns
  • Like the idea of continuous improvement and pushing the envelope

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