Hi, I'm carrie jordan.

I am a solutions-oriented marketing web designer in Boulder, Colorado. I help brands and people meet their full potentials and do good in the world.

Most importantly, I recognize the magic of every day and I love helping my clients bring their visions to life.


With 10 years of experience in interactive design and marketing at companies that make a difference in the world, my colleagues know me for visual storytelling, strategic solutions, and creating efficient systems and processes. 

My creative career has spanned a variety of disciplines including art direction, digital marketing, interactive design, video production, fine art, and photography

I'm the creator of the Life Design Planner featuring my feminine-dominant goal setting method. My online community, is helping women step into their roles in their communities through the Feminine Business Accelerator and my signature Moon Magic program.

I also host the Rise Collective Podcast, a platform for wisdom keepers and initiates of the mystery schools.