REPORT ON "How Parents Experience Public School Choice"

Challenge: We need to reach leaders and reporters in cities featured in order to communicate the evidence that parents face many trade-offs when choosing schools for their children. Parents with less education, minority parents, and parents of children with special needs are especially likely to report challenges when navigating school choice. 

Solution: Create a highly visual and printable one-pager that reporters and leaders can use to easily reference the evidence and research.

Result: In the first month, the report received 20 media hits including four mainstream hits and four local media hits. 

View example of how images were used by media

View the full report and city briefs.

Walk & Bike Month Campaign

At Pivot Communication, I created the illustration used in the campaign for Boulder's 2013 Walk & Bike Month. 

The idea for this illustration came from several iterations. We needed an illustration that we could easily edit and make relevant to different events for Walk & Bike Month, and that would give a personality to the campaign.  

This screen shot is from an email marketing campaign. 

Read my blog about this project.

Annual Report Campaign

I art directed the annual report campaign in 2012 including designing the printed report, producing the promotional video with editor Jordan Schevene of Boulder Productions, and working with a developer to design the user interface of the microsite.

By creating an integrative annual report campaign, RMI was able to showcase the work that it had already published, and it provided a more comprehensive look at the work than we could have fit in a print piece.

Looking forward, the microsite was a good solution because RMI can repurpose the Wordpress site for other projects, and especially for future annual reports.


The fall appeal giving campaign that I art directed and produced for RMI exceeded our fundraising goal and grew donations by 33 percent from the previous year. It also brought in the largest dollar amount of donations RMI has raised during a fall appeal since 2007. 

I designed Rocky Mountain Institute's 2011 Annual Report, the fall appeal direct mail brochure, and the two videos to support the email blasts.

The concept was to create a bold collection of pieces to echo RMI's boldest campaign yet: Reinventing Fire. The design is specific to RMI's Reinventing Fire campaign and is in sync with all other RMI and Reinventing Fire marketing materials for the campaign.